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Phi Phi Island Hotels The Phi Phi islands are some of the loveliest in Southeast Asia. Just a 45-minute jaunt from Phuket, these picture postcard islands offer the ultimate tropical getaway. Classic beaches, stunning rock formations, and vivid turquoise waters teeming with colourful marine life - it's paradise perfected. There are two islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. The larger and inhabited, Phi Phi Don attracts hundreds of visitors to stay on its lovely shores.
Phi Phi Island Hotels - Where to Stay in Phi Phi Island

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Phi Phi Islands Hotels and Guide - Koh Phi Phi Information

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Where to Stay in Phi Phi   Tonsai and Loh Dalum hotels tend to be busy and exciting places to stay due to the vibrancy of Tonsai Village, whereas the hotels a little further out are more peaceful. On the east coast, things get even more tranquil and boat transport is needed to get around.
Beaches and Islands   Phi Phi is overflowing with scenery and stunning beaches. The limestone cliffs so prevalent in Phang Nga Bay can also be seen in Phi Phi. Loh Dalum is simply magic, Maya Bay is the perfect tropical beach...
Activities in Phi Phi    You might check out the reef gardens on a diving or snorkelling trip, or explore the fascinating coastline by kayak. Nearby islands hold secrets; hire a boat and let a guide reveal them.
Tours to Phi Phi    From Phuket and Krabi there are many tours that take you for a Phi Phi daytrip to see some of the sights, or why not try a Phi Phi Stopover and spend a night or two to really experience Phi Phi?
Phi Phi Information    Phi Phi consists of two small islands south of Phuket. Fine sandy beaches give way to soaring limestone cliffs to form spectacular scenery. Add crystal clear water, a refreshing lack of roads, plus a laid-back lifestyle, and it's easy to see why Phi Phi is one of southern Thailand's most popular destinations.
Restaurants and Thai Food   No need to pack a picnic; Phi Phi is more dessert than deserted. Seafood is the star attraction, with many places displaying the day's catch as an effective way to, ahem, hook customers. But Thai and Western options, from quick grab-and-go snacks to candlelit meals, are also in pleasing abundance.
Nightlife in Phi Phi   Phi Phi's nightlife has several very positive things going for it. It's compact, entertaining, young and vibrant and - unlike many other tourist destinations in this part of the world - it's not sleazy. The island's pubs and bars are centrally located and easy to find. At 2am the music stops but bars generally stay open for as long as they have customers.

Tonsai Village Tonsai Village is the bustling heart of Phi Phi, there are no cars or roads, only footpaths. It's located on the isthmus, for which Phi Phi is famous, with Tonsai Bay on the south side and Loh Dalum on the north.

Loh Dalum Bay Loh Dalum Bay is breathtakingly beautiful - almost totally enclosed, it has very shallow water that get gets warmed by the sun to almost the temperature of a bath! Silky soft white sand and turquoise water with a chorus of birdsong - all year round there are no waves. You can walk out hundreds of meters and still only be waist deep in water, this beach was made for basking in the sun. At low tide you have to walk a little further to the water's edge.

Laem Tong Beach Laem Tong Beach is a delightful place in northern Phi Phi for a relaxing quiet holiday. The only access to the main part of Phi Phi is by boat, this means you have almost total seclusion, refreshingly absent are the sounds of jetskis and speedboats. Quite the opposite to Tonsai Village, here you'll hardly leave your hotel.

Long Beach Facing south west with stunning views of Phi Phi Leh lies ever popular Long Beach. This beach has possibly the softest finest white sand, on an island of fine soft sand, there's also excellent snorkeling. Long Beach is both far enough from and close enough to the business of Tonsai Village to be a great place to stay, it's no more than a 5 minute longtail boat ride away from the centre of the action.

Maya Bay Maya Bay has become the main tourist attraction of Phi Phi since 'The Beach' was filmed here in 1999 (see below for more info about the film). It was always very popular before the film but now people all around the world who haven't heard of Phi Phi have heard of Maya Bay.. A stunningly beautiful bay sheltered by 100 odd meter high cliffs on three sides. Inside there are several beaches, most are tiny and some only exist at low tide. The main one is around 200m long with silky soft white sand, underwater colourful coral and fish live in exceptionally clear water, the whole bay is one big reef

Phi Phi Leh Phi Phi Leh is as uninhabited island that lies 1.5km of the southernmost tip of Phi Phi Don. Stunning vertical cliffs capped with green foliage make way to small sandy beaches and tropical coral seas. Home to Maya Bay, Pi Leh Bay and more, not to be missed.

Loh Bagao Bay A beautiful tranquil bay half way up the east coast of Phi Phi Don, one of Phi Phi's larger beaches at 800m long, the best coral is at the south end. This is a great place to stay for those who enjoy hiking as there are some trails between here and other bays, notably Loh Lannah, and lots of nature. The only place to stay is Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort & Spa which has some lovely bungalows made of natural materials right on the beach and great facilities.

Bamboo Island Stunning Bamboo Island is 5km from the northern tip of Phi Phi Don. The small island is only 500m across and has beautiful beaches virtually all the way around that give way to coral underwater. Many daytrips go to Bamboo each day but it's not too crowded. Dive boats also go there too. An excellent place to snorkel as the reefs are extensive and fairly shallow, but the beach is always there for a rest.

Monkey Bay Located just outside Loh Dalum Bay to the west, Monkey Bay is a deserted tranquil beach with good coral. Some daytrips stop here to see the monkeys, watch out - they can be very cheeky. This is a nice place to explore by kayak from Loh Dalum Beach.

Monkey Beach Monkey Beach is very much on the daytrip trail, located on the west side of Tonsai Bay about 700m from the beach, just in front of it are 4 unmissable yellow buoys. At very high tide there's not much beach but at other times there's plenty of sand. The monkeys here eat bananas and other fruit given to them, you can take photos at a very short distance, don't get too close though. The snorkeling at the drop off around 50m from the beach is great.

Phi Phi Island Hotels - Where to Stay in Phi Phi Island Tonsai and Loh Dalum hotels tend to be busy and exciting places to stay due to the vibrancy of Tonsai Village, whereas the hotels a little further out are more peaceful. On the east coast, things get even more tranquil and boat transport is needed to get around.
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